Amy Macdonald | The Human Demands Review


Amy Macdonald | The Human Demands Review

By: Bea Willis

amy-macdonald-cdAmy Macdonald is a songwriter, vocalist, and pop-rock music visionary that has achieved international success while doing things her way. Her world tours have allowed her to perform in front of 3.3 million people, over 200 million Spotify streams, four Top 5 albums (including her #1 debut), six million album sales, and the landmark hit, “This Is The Life.” Macdonald is now releasing her fifth album The Human Demands. The album also represents her first release under a new deal with Infectious / BMG. Produced by Jim Abbiss (Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian), The Human Demands finds Macdonald reconnecting with her indie roots. Her mighty, resonant vocals sing of themes that include getting older, dealing with depression, and falling in love with someone you want to spend the rest of your life with.

“A lot of the themes on this album are about getting older, which seems ridiculous given I’m only in my early 30s,” Amy explains. “But I signed my first record contract at 18, which feels like a lifetime ago, and on a personal level, I’m at the stage in life where parents are getting on, friends have faced depression to the point of not wanting to be here anymore, and everyone has had ups and downs whatever their background. It’s OK to feel a bit crap, and it’s OK to talk about it as well.”

“Fire” has an upbeat pop-rock feel with Macdonald’s emotive vocals building to the catchy chorus. The story is easy to relate to as Amy-MacdonaldMacdonald easily navigates the intervallic jumps in the melody. The song maintains a flow that is enjoyable and surprisingly has elements of many genres. The song has aspects of pop, pop-rock, and even a little pop-country. Macdonald’s universally beautiful voice is angelic as she captures the emotion of the song.

“Statues” keeps the up-beat feeling going. The music puts Macdonald’s voice front and center, allowing her beautiful voice to be heard in detail. Again, the style is universal, pulling elements from many genres. The song has an introspective bridge as the feel is expanded. The feel is built up again for the moving last part of the music. Macdonald’s voice is powerful, and she displays many colors and textures.

Macdonald says, “Usually I would be flying around Europe, doing radio sessions and interviews. Now I can’t do that, which makes me feel like we’re back at the beginning because I didn’t do those things then either. I’m back to making music I like and just putting it out in a pure way. It has given me a new love for what I do, all over again.” The Human Demands is an outstanding project with so much universal appeal, it is clear Macdonald is hitting another high in her creativity, singing, and songwriting.

5-finger-rate-93The Human Demands

Release Date : August 27, 2020

Label : Infectious Music

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