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About 5 Finger Review

Founded in 2017 on the principle of bridging the gap between those hungry for new music and creating new music. 5 Finger Review knows the wants and needs of musicians and music lovers, for they are the same; both love music.

5 Finger Review has a broad interest in musical taste; our goal is to attract people looking for the informational edge that leads to discovering new music, products, and services that deliver a more prosperous musical life.

We vow to serve, protect and connect people that love music.

5 Finger Review is devoted to a wide range of music through insightful features, matters of news, album reviews, book reviews, opinion pieces, editorials, and more.

At 5 Finger Review, our mission is to serve as a sonic compass in your journey through the vast and vibrant world of music. We aim to inform and educate, to be your trusted guide through the harmonious highs and bass-laden lows, from the classics to the avant-garde, from major labels to the independent creators pushing boundaries. We believe that every artist, regardless of their size or status, has a story worth telling and a sound worth hearing. Our reviews are steeped in a deep understanding of music, yet crafted with an engaging, conversational tone to keep your reading experience as enjoyable as your listening one. We champion honesty and positivity, delivering a straight-shooting perspective that doesn’t shy away from critique, but focuses on the beauty and artistry of each piece. Join us, and let’s revel in the endless symphony of music together.

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