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Founded in 2017 on the principle of bridging the gap between those hungry for new music and creating new music. 5 Finger Review knows the wants and needs of musicians and music lovers, for they are the same; both love music.

5 Finger Review has a broad interest in musical taste; our goal is to attract people looking for the informational edge that leads to discovering new music, products, and services that deliver a more prosperous musical life.

We vow to serve, protect and connect people that love music.

5 Finger Review is devoted to a wide range of music through insightful features, matters of news, album reviews, book reviews, opinion pieces, editorials, and more.

We aim for our reviews to inform and educate our music-loving readers about all forms of music, not only focusing on albums by major labels but giving space to independent artists too. Our reviews will not be long but will be delivered in a straight-forward and straight-shooting, highly readable, and entertaining style.

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