Behn Gillece | Still Doing Our Thing Review


Behn Gillece | Still Doing Our Thing Review

By Darnell Jackson

Behn+GilleceBehn Gillece delivers a swinging set of ten songs as he leads his worthy constituents on a rousing quartet date on Posi-Tone Records project called Still Doing Our Thing. The quartet is Gillece on vibes, pianist Art Hirahara, bassist Boris Kozlov and drummer Rudy Royston. Tenor saxophonist Nicole Glover appears on one song. The musical program is a modern jazz exploration of melodically straightforward, tastefully lyrical, and hard-swinging focuses. The quartet uses their talents to render a collection of original compositions, Still Doing Our Thing is compellingly enjoyable throughout and will be of interest to jazz fans.

Starting as any good jazz project should, Gillece presents a swinging number called “Extraction.” The players are focused and economical in their approach. As Gillece effortlessly glides across the vibes, the quartet stays in tune and focuses on one another and their ensemble sound. The head contains a fascinating passage in which the quartet uses as a probe for their performance. The fun is listening to each player respond to one another, negotiating the changes with ease and the swing feel works for the ensemble as a whole.

“Still Doing Our Thing” is the album’s hardest swinging track and centerpiece. Gillece’s vibes lead, playing with a rhythmbehn-gillece and getting it just right to make the music feel magical. His bandmates’ contributions are clearly heard as he builds upon various patterns, creating an impressive solo of elegance. This solo demonstrates a dialogue between Gillece and Royston that complements each other, and Hirahara and Kozlov provide the harmonic underpinning.

behn-gillece-2Still Doing Our Thing is another project by Gillece where everything flows well; altogether, a most impressive group and set of compositions. With its title and swinging structure, the quartet doesn’t mind being themselves and focusing on swinging. Still Doing Our Thing features some dramatic soloing and focused listening, crafting a captivating album.


Still Doing Our Thing

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Label: Posi-Tone Records
Release Date: March 19, 2021

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