Everything Everything | Mountainhead Review


Everything Everything | Mountainhead Review

by Elberton Cisnero

Everything-Everything-5-Finger-Review-CDIn their seventh studio endeavor, Mountainhead, released on March 1, 2024, Everything Everything continues to chart the course of innovation within the realms of progressive-pop and electronica. Following the ambitious Raw Data Feel, this album delves into the intricacies of societal obsession and existential angst, which are increasingly pertinent themes in our times. Recorded and produced in Stockport by the band members, with guitarist Alex Robertshaw taking a significant role in production, Mountainhead shows the band’s collective genius. The band, comprising Jonathan Higgs (lead vocals), Jeremy Pritchard (bass, backing vocals), Alex Robertshaw (guitar, backing vocals), and Michael Spearman (drums, percussion, backing vocals), offers a cohesive sound that’s both distinctive and engaging.

Mountainhead is a synthetic pop album that offers a critical view of capitalism and social fracturing through a futuristic lens. The album’s concept is unique and captivating. It tells the story of a society’s intense focus on constructing a colossal mountain, a metaphor for the consequences of unchecked ambition and capitalist forces. This narrative is not just a backdrop but a driving force that enriches the album’s musical landscape and lyrical depth.

The opening track, “Wild Guess,” sets the tone with its pitch-shifted harmonies and dynamic guitar parts, indicating the entry into a world of manufactured disorder. It’s an opener that promises and delivers, setting the stage for an album as intellectually stimulating as it is musically engaging.

“Cold Reactor” emerges as a standout track, a symphony of modern electronic music that’s both vibrant andEverything-Everything-1 inviting. The song’s tempo and layered composition—synths, samples, and subtle guitar lines, complemented by full, flowing drums—create an upbeat, dance-pop beat that’s impossible to resist. Lyrically, it offers a deep dive into societal challenges and the impact of technology on personal connections, making it a critical yet joyous exploration of contemporary life.

“The Mad Stone” shifts gears, blending energetic world music and electronica. Its structure—verses, choruses, captivating post-choruses, a bridge, and an outro—guides the listener through its narrative with an exciting flow. Thematically, it delves deeper into the album’s critique of societal obsession and the relentless pursuit of progress, adding significant depth to the overarching story.

Tracks like “Canary,” “Don’t Ask Me to Beg,” and “Enter the Mirror” further explore the album’s themes, with “Your Money, My Summer” serving as a poignant realization of misplaced ambitions and the longing for simplicity and authenticity.

Mountainhead is an album that defies expectations, blending danceable indie-rock, electronic pop, minimalist soul, and synth grooves in a way that only Everything Everything can. The album’s production quality is notable for its clear separation of instruments and vocals, creating a layered, immersive experience highlighting the band’s meticulous attention to detail.

Everything-Everything-2As a concept album, Mountainhead excels in its thematic ambition and musical innovation. It’s intellectually stimulating and emotionally resonant, reflecting Everything Everything’s unmatched ability to create music that challenges, entertains, and enlightens. With its release through BMG, Mountainhead solidifies Everything Everything’s position as pioneers in their genre, offering a unique album from a band that continues to buck trends and blur musical boundaries.





Release Date: March 1, 2024

Label: BMG

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