Michael Gettel | The View from Here Review


Michael Gettel | The View from Here Review

by Bea Willis

michael-gettel-coverMichael Gettel is a new-age music composer and pianist who has created, taught and performed music for decades. Gettel has released 13 albums in the New Age genre beginning in 1986 with his San Juan Suite. He was one of the Narada record label’s top artists in the 1990s. Gettel and his wife, Elizabeth Naccarato Gettel, a recording artist, composer, and pianist, released a 14-track collaborative work, One Piano, in 2001. Also, they are the founders of San Luis Music, an emerging non-profit organization dedicated to developing young musical talent and coaching aspiring songwriters, singers, and musicians. His latest album, The View from Here, was released Feb. 11, 2022, on First Snow Music. The album breaks a twenty-year hiatus away from the recording studio and is a luminous collection of twelve piano solos. The compositions find inspiration in nature and a few selections even include beautifully-recorded nature sounds.

“Oh So Many Stars” has a beautiful melody over a rolling arpeggio figure. The piece has movement and differentmichael-Gettel intensities but still manages to be soothing and inviting. Gettel’s use of dynamics and pushing and pulling of the pulse adds to the expressiveness of the piece. The recording quality captures all the subtle nuances of Gettel’s performance and his warm, balanced touch as a performer.

“Aerial” is another composition that has a relaxing, energetic structure. The layers and rhythmic activity all create a meditative state that is calming. The melody is always clear, and Gettel performs from a space of peace. The night’s sky inspires the composition, and Gettel captures the sparkling majesty that one can find there if only the time is taken to notice.

Michael_Gettel_at_workThe View from Here is a powerful collection of compositions performed by a true master of the New Age piano. His touch and passion come through on each selection. There is also a reverence to creating a space of relaxing sounds and pushing the listener to turn inward and upward to commune with nature.


The View from Here

Release Date: November 15, 2021

Label: First Snow Music

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