Avril Lavigne | Love Sux Review


Avril Lavigne | Love Sux Review

By Griff Stevens

Avril_Lavigne_CdAvril Lavigne is a pop-punk Canadian singer and songwriter that is a multi-platinum vocalist, songwriter, designer, and philanthropist. The eight-time GRAMMY Award-nominated Lavigne is now releasing her new album. Love Sux, via Travis Barker’s DTA Records. The album is Lavigne’s seventh studio album and features twelve tracks, and is the first new music to be released from the star since 2019. The album also features Lavigne collaborating with Machine Gun Kelly, Blackbear, and Mark Hoppus of Blink-182. Throughout the album, Lavigne sings of break-up and heartbreak but still keeps a positive message of self-worth and standing up for yourself.

Lavigne presents various styles on the album, from electro dance to hyper-pop and punkavril-lavigne-2 rock. “Love It When You Hate Me” falls into the later with its driving chorus after an electro-pop verse. The driving beat and steady guitars frame Lavigne’s vocals beautifully. In addition, Blackbear makes a guest appearance with rhythmic speak-singing with auto-tune, which is good if you are into that sort of thing. Either way, the chorus saves the day and brings us the Lavigne we all know and love from her earlier records. Also, be sure to listen to “Bite Me,” which has the same vibe and was the lead single from the album.

“Bois Lie” features Machine Gun Kelly and is the standout track from the ten. Lavigne’s vocals sound strong with unrelenting energy as she belts the chorus with passion and sings the verses with power and attitude. The thirty-seven-year-old Lavigne can still tap into the high school mentality and colloquialisms as the lyrics possess that type of energy and drama. This also shows that we all want to have some fun, regardless of age.

avril-lavigne-1Love Sux is a successful outing for Lavigne as she takes from her past sounds and adds a fresh perspective. The upbeat nature of the music is a welcome highlight, and her singing is as strong as ever. She emerges stronger on Love Sux, backed by exciting guest artists and a robust set of co-song writers and the production magic of John Feldmann, Travis Barker, and Mod Sun. Lavigne is tapped into a creative source that yields her best work in years. Don’t miss this one!


Love Sux

Release Date: February 25, 2022

Label: DTA Records

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Griff Stevens

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  1. I just wanted to say that I just got done listening to Avril Lavigne’s latest album, “Love Sux” last night and in my personal opinion, I think that the album sucks just like all of her previous albums does. Avril said that the album is a pop-punk album, but it sounds a lot like a pop album just like all of her previous albums do. All of the lyrics on the album are all about boy bashing, and it seems like that is all she ever sings and writes about like she is like a rebellious teenager. She needs to stop acting and dressing like a rebellious teenager because she isn’t a rebellious teenager anymore like she was when she came into the music industry back in the year 2002 (that was the year that I graduated from high school). She is now a grown woman who will be 38 years-old this year on September 27th., and she needs to start acting and dressing like it. She can never be a “pop-punk” music artist who sings and writes pop-punk music no matter what all of her fans out there says or thinks because her music doesn’t sound like pop-punk at all. She is still a pop music artist who sings and writes pop music. She doesn’t have any creativity when it comes to her own music at all. End of story.

  2. The only songs that I like off of Avril Lavigne’s, “Love Sux” album are, “Avalanche” and “Dare To Love Me”.

  3. Avril Lavigne’s, “Love Sux” album has debuted at number 9 and has sold 300,000 units, and has sold 19,000 physical copies on the first week it was released.

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