Dallas Burrow, Blood Brothers Review


Dallas Burrow, Blood Brothers Review

Dallas Burrow: Americana Encapsulated in Blood Brothers

by Elberton Cisnero

Dallas-Burrow-cdEver felt the pull of the cosmos while playing a record? That’s exactly the sensation you’ll get while spinning Dallas Burrow’s latest LP, Blood Brothers. It’s an album that’s like sitting around a roaring bonfire beneath the stars, listening to a good friend share tales of their life with a guitar in hand.

And oh, what a life Burrow has lived and what stories he has to share. A Texas native, Burrow has an uncanny knack for intertwining personal, familial tales with his soulful melodies, creating an audiotape that is as rich and diverse as the state he hails from.

The eponymous track, Blood Brothers, is a stirring example of his talent. It’s a multi-layered tale of history, legacy, and growth. Burrow’s baritone voice, as deep and wide as the Rio Grande, tells a story of his father, scars, and lessons learned. He delves into the past, but the real power is how he seamlessly merges this tale with his own journey. His perspective as a sober songwriter adds a dimension of clarity, the notes glistening like a crystal-clear Texas sky after a thunderstorm. It’s raw, real, and resonates with an echo that lingers.

Digging deeper into the album, you stumble upon “Out My Window,” a real gem in this treasure chest of music. This track is like a Texan summer – hot, full of energy, and unapologetically vibrant. The Stax-inspired horn section and a Wurlitzer piano bring you straight to the heart of the Muscle Shoals heyday. But it’s Burrow’s vocals, invoking shades of Dr. John, that keep you hooked. The song is a potent mix of bluesy optimism and honky-tonk realism, a testament to Burrow’s belief that you can channel the good vibes, face the strange, and still hope for a bright tomorrow.

What’s powerful about this album is the music itself and the deeply personal stories behind it. These songs are loveDallas-Burrow-2 letters to Burrow’s past, present, and future – a homage to his father, a reflection on his own growth, and a dedication to his son. Clearly, this album is an exploration of his identity as a musician and a family man. He’s throwing out the rulebook and writing his own verses. You can practically feel the blood, sweat, and tears in each strum and word.

Blood Brothers is a listening experience that unfolds like an odyssey that takes you through the life of Dallas Burrow – the musician, the family man, the seeker. The relatable and universal stories turn the personal into the public, transforming diary entries into relatable anthems. It’s for the hopeful and the downtrodden, for anyone willing to get back up after a stumble. These songs move past simple songwriting and singing; it’s catharsis in audio form.

Dallas-Burrow-1So much country and Americana music walks a thin line, treading the divide between authenticity and manufacturing. Increasingly, this line seems blurry. Dallas Burrow’s album Blood Brothers, however, unapologetically aligns itself with the authentic side of music to which Burrow feels a deep and genuine connection. This is the soul of Americana encapsulated in a record – honest, raw, and incredibly powerful. So, pull up a chair, y’all, and let Dallas Burrow take you on a journey you won’t forget anytime soon.


Release Date: June 16, 2023

Label: Subliminal Hymnal Records

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