Lennon Stella La Di Da (Live) Review


Lennon Stella La Di Da (Live) Review


Lennon Stella is a nineteen-year-old that is impressive as an actor and a singer.  Fresh off a six-season acting stint on ABC’s (and later CMT’s) hit show Nashville, Stella has been making the transition to become ‘real world’ artist in strides. She recently signed with Columbia Records to pursue her musical passions and released her first song, “Like Everybody Else,” which rose to #1 on the US and Canada Spotify Viral Charts. Stella was featured on a Jonas Blue song with Liam Payne. This past November Stella dropped her debut EP Love, Me, featuring the singles “Fortress” and “La Di Da.” Stella’s pop stylings offer a sophisticated lyrical style is becoming her trademark. Now, in 2019, Vevo announced the release of Lennon Stella’s DSCVR performances for “Fortress” and “La Di Da.”  Vevo DSCVR focuses of the development of emerging artists, through performance content and careful curation. Vevo has a long history of helping emerging artists break through to new and wider audiences. Past alumni of Vevo’s DSCVR series include Billie Eilish, bülow, Donna Missal, Charlotte Lawrence, and Jade Bird. Vevo is committed to working with artists at an early stage of their career to create unique content that brings their music to life visually and provides exposure to new audiences through the platform. “La Di Da (Live)” is Stella’s second Vevo DSCBR instalment.

“La Di Da” was first released on Stella’s Love, Me EP. “La Di Da (Live)” keeps the same instrumentation as the original version. The first verse displays Stella’s vocal control and tone, as she stays true to the inflections and embellishment of the EP. Stella’s pitch is good as she travels through her range, when she goes to her head voice, she still maintains a full sound and good control of pitch and clarity of the lyrics. The original had more effects on Stella’s voice, it is nice to hear Stella’s voice in more of a natural setting. The background vocals are kept, which is nice, it helps build the song. The Vevo version is less electro-pop and lends to a more vibrant sound, which for me, is a better sound and allows Stella to show her vocal qualities.

Stella’s new direction is certainly a 180 from her Nashville appearances as a youth. I can certainly understand her desire to go in a mainstream direction like another famous Nashville artist we all met as a youth too. Her new direction has certainly brought her wider success. I do find myself having a hard time getting over how covered Stella’s voice is in this new direction, and I truly miss her at the piano, where she also shines.  Sometimes in the industries desire to market an artist, they strip away some of the most beautiful parts.  Stella is an artist that truly has a striking vocal quality, and being an instrumentalist is a plus, certainly not a minus. Her depth is unlike so many other artists out there today.  Overall, these are small points and maybe just a fan just having growing pains.

5-finger-rate-93Buy Stella’s EP, Love, me

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