Dodie Human Review


Dodie Human Review

By: Elberton Cisnero

dodie-cdDorothy “dodie” Miranda Clark is an English singer-songwriter, author, and YouTuber from Epping, Essex. Clark is known for her piano and ukulele covers, as well as her original songs. She has over 160 videos, over 1.7M subscribers, and over 200 million views on her main channel. dodie has collaborated with many other YouTube artists including Tessa Violet, Julia Nunes, Lauren Aquilina , Orla Gartland, Thomas Sanders, Jon Cozart, Emma Blackery and Flashback. In 2018, Clark collaborated with singer, Tom Walker on “Human,” the lead single from her third EP of the same name.  Altogether, Clark has released three independent Eps: Intertwined (2016), You (2017), and Human (2019), all of which charted within the top 40 of the official UK Albums Chart at numbers 35, 6 and 5 respectively.

“Human” brings in the talents of Tom Walker to help dodie with the vocals. Together they make a convincing duet, their timbre and phrasing create a buzz that is enjoyable and musical. With sparse instrumentation, the intimate qualities of dodie’s vocals can be heard. When the two sing harmony, the result is stunning. Even though most of the melody is sung in unison, the color is still rich. The bridge is meaningful. The second time through the form, a soft drum pattern comes in to add interest and support. As the song continues to develop, the strings add to the impact of the song. Dodie is a subtle vocalist, and that is where her character and beauties reside in her vocal style.

“If I’m Being Honest” kicks off with dodie playing the Fender Rhodes and singing. Her voice is full, yet still tender and soft. Dodie’s songs are just as interesting harmonically as they are melodically, and “If I’m Being Honest” is no exception. The string quartet entering on the second pass through the form adds interest and builds the track. dodie invokes various vocal embellishments to the melody that also keep things flowing. The six-eight pulse is energetic as the string quartet plays pizzicato figures around dodie’s vocal lines. During the bridge, the strings switch to arco, building the sonic pallet and widening the sonic range of the song. Dodie does show her upper register in the last section of the tune, she is controlled, and the tone is exceptionally pleasing. “If I’m Being Honest” has all the elements that make dodie’s music so captivating, strong lyrical writing, interesting harmonic progression and subtle instrumentation that build and develop over the course of the tune.

With each release the listener has the opportunity to see the many opulent sides of dodie’s creativity.  Her everyday girl appeal and smartly fashioned lyrics are cornerstone to her immediate success.  Her music is relatable, while at the same time quite brilliant. Human has all the right qualities that offer lasting appeal.

5-finger-rate-90Human [Explicit]

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