Nancy Vieira | Gente Review


Nancy Vieira | Gente Review

by Elberton Cisnero

Nancy-Vieira-5-Finger-Review-cdNancy Vieira’s latest album, Gente, presents various cultural intersections and personal journeys, eloquently delivered through her distinct singing. Born amidst the turmoil and hope of post-independence Cape Verde, Vieira’s artistic path is as much a reflection of her personal history as it is of the broader narrative of Cape Verdean identity and diaspora. This album is a musical offering, flowing as an artifact of cultural fusion, echoing the diverse influences of Lisbon, Brazil, Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

Vieira’s voice, with its alluring warmth and clarity, navigates through a collection of tracks that blend traditional Cape Verdean genres like morna and coladera with samba, fado, and jazz. Each song in Gente is a world unto itself, yet together, they weave a cohesive story of identity, longing, and celebration. The opener, “Sol Di Nha Vida,” sets the tone with its innovative mix of funaná and samba, showcasing Vieira’s ability to honor her roots while embracing a global soundscape.

The inclusion of “Singa,” featuring Remna Schwarz, and the diverse musical arrangements throughout the album underline Vieira’s commitment to showcasing the multifaceted nature of Cape Verdean music and its ongoing dialogue with global influences. Gente’s collaborative nature, highlighted by contributions from artists across the world, reinforces the idea of music as a universal language of connection and understanding.

Gente also has an underlying narrative of cultural resilience and evolution. Vieira’s choice to sing in Cape VerdeanNancy-Vieira-2 Creole and Portuguese is a powerful statement of identity and heritage, making the album an intimate journey through the soundscape of Cape Verde and its diasporic echoes. The album’s production, handled by a team that includes Vieira herself, ensures that each song is given space to breathe, inviting listeners to fully immerse themselves in the stories being told.

The tracks range from the tender nostalgia of “Amor” to the rhythmic celebration of “Ta Cundum Cundum,” each song contributing to the album’s exploration of Cape Verdean life and its global resonances. “Fado Crioulo” brings the sounds of the cultural hybridity at the heart of Gente, merging the mournful tones of fado with the rhythmic pulse of Cape Verdean music, and featuring notable contributions from António Zambujo and Chullage.

Nancy-Vieira-1Gente is, above all, an album about people — the musicians, the storytellers, and the listeners. It captures the essence of Cape Verdean “Morabeza” — the warmth and hospitality of its people — through its inviting melodies and intricate musical arrangements. Nancy Vieira’s Gente is a celebration of the human spirit, a reminder of the power of music to connect, heal, and inspire across boundaries of language, geography, and culture. It is a work that is a significant milestone in Vieira’s career and  encapsulating the essence of Cape Verde and its vibrant diaspora with grace, sophistication, and an open heart.




Release Date: March 22, 2024

Label: Galileo Music Communication

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