The Daktaris Soul Explosion Review


The Daktaris Soul Explosion Review

By: Griff Stevens

The-Daktaris-Soul-Explosion-cdOriginally released on DESCO records in the ’90s The Daktaris Soul Explosion was the album that began it all. Upon its release there was a much folklore swirling around the identities of the members and the origin of the group. The liner notes only ensconced that ideal further, as it was built on pure fiction and only intensified the guesses. What is noteworthy Is the group went on to form The Dap Kings and Antibalas. It also features Jojo Kou, who had formerly played drums and percussion for Fela Kuti and of course the rest is becoming legend on its own. What is legendary is it’s one of the finest pieces of Afro-Funk almost fifteen years later, and still remains a best-seller.

“Musicawi Silt” begins the journey of exotic rhythms and horn lines that sing. Transfixed grooves with a repetitive groove line that propulsors the tracks danceability. Flute nicely colorizes that track, but the real highlight is the baritone saxophone solo. This song comes in two parts, the baritone saxophone solo will continue on what some outlets have marked as “Musicawai Slit Part Two,” no its not a typo, that is how the digital outlets are listing it. Depending on the copy you are imparted with, it may simply be one remastered track, or the track may come in two parts. Make note of this when purchasing, if you prefer one track. Either way, its not to be missed.

A highlight track on the album “Give It Up Turn It Loose” has a deep soul feel, it took me back to the days of Brown, who I am sure influenced this group highly. You can hear his signatures all over this album, and that is not meant to be mean it’s a cop of Brown, they are simply remembering the master’s roots. Once again, this track entrances, its strong feels and grooves are infectious.

Great music is timeless, and its great to see almost 30 years later great music being remastered and released. This generation of music makers has the opportunity to pull from a plethora of great historical recordings, but certainly this was the start of what would go on to be legendary groups of today. If you dig soul, funk and Afro-Funk, then The Daktaris Soul Explosion is your tonic. Highly Recommended.

5-finger-rate-93Soul Explosion (Remastered)

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  1. Fred Leininger | February 27, 2019 at 3:13 pm | Reply

    I would love to know if you are still performing? Russia was one of my favorite all time bands.

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