Katie Tupper | Towards the End Review


Katie Tupper | Towards the End Review

By Darnell Jackson

katie-tupper-cdKatie Tupper is a soulful, creative spirit that hails from Canada. The twenty-four-year-old neo-soul musician embodies a spirit of boundary-pushing, genre-defying as an artist. Tupper was the vocalist for the soul collective VBND (DeepMatter Records), which earned the praises of Complex and landed on extensive Spotify playlists like Butter, Soul ‘N The City, and Low-Key. Tupper is starting 2022 off with her new five-song EP Towards the End, co-produced by Connor Seidel (Charlotte Cardin, Matt Holubowski), an ode to love, identity, and the inextricable ways the two entwine. “It’s about navigating young love. About how we adapt and change with new people,” she says.

“Live Inside” opens the EP and introduces us to Tupper’s sultry contralto vocals glittering with emotion and sensuality. The song showcases Tupper’s mastery as akatie-tupper-pic-1 musician, writer, and producer. As she moves up in her vocal range as the piece unfolds, her timbre is robust and pleasing. Vocal harmonies adore vital phrases and add full backgrounds. The instrumentation is balanced and kept to a minimum to support the rich vocals.

“Danny” features grooving bass figures supporting reviving keys and syncopated drums, which create a solid backbone for Tupper’s buzzing melodies. With a song form that pulls from parallel movements of neo-jazz, funk, and lovely neo-soul. Tupper’s rhythmic feel is based on funk sensibilities with a powerful body and an ability to create moving embellishments that are undeniably groovy.

katie-tupper-pic-3Towards the End is filled with a sensual atmosphere of Tupper’s singing. The music is brought to life to explore new soulful dimensions and will lure you with its sultry and alluring sound, overflowing with groove, funk, and charisma; Towards the End will grab your attention. Tupper possesses an exciting vocal style; so be sure to get Towards the End, which releases on February 18, 2022.

5-finger-rate-91Towards the End

Release Date: February 18, 2022

Label: Arts & Crafts Productions

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