Emeli Sandé | Ready To Love Review


Emeli Sandé | Ready To Love Review

By Darnell Jackson

Emeli-Sandé-cdEmeli Sandé is releasing her fourth album called Ready To Love. This is the Scottish R&B singer/songwriter’s follow-up to her 2019 album Real Life and is the first album on the newly independent Chrysalis Records after recording three albums for Capitol/Virgin EMI. Ready To Love incorporates classical, disco, and nostalgic R&B elements, all glazed with a pop sheen. In addition, Sandé flexed her songwriter, producer, and vocalist skills in new, versatile ways. As told to Variety in an exclusive interview, Sandé shared: “I’m so proud of this album and can’t wait to release it. I’ve felt free to express myself more naturally both lyrically and musically in this album, and my wish is that it will be an uplifting experience for each listener and that they will get to know me on a much deeper level.”

“Family” opens the project with an empowerment song. Sandé has a beautiful voice, but the effects cover this up;Emeli-Sandé-1 unfortunately, this is very common, and those who can sing should stop using auto-tune. In addition, the bridge is all auto-tuned and further dampens the song’s potential energy. Sandé is a true talent, and her soulful singing stands on its own, LOSE THE AUTO-TUNE!

“Look What You’ve Done” has exciting samples and a catchy beat. Unfortunately, Sandé’s vocals are buried; I wish her vocals were more prominent so we all can hear this powerhouse’s true vocal quality and character. Guest Jaykae raps his part for the bridge and serves as a break in the groove. The synths and string sounds are tasteful. Sandé’s vocal layers are also impressive, although hard to hear.

Emeli-Sandé-2Ready To Love shows that Sandé has a wide angle of interest and musical abilities. I prefer to hear her sing without all the processing and auto-tune, “Oxygen” is an excellent example of this sound. However, only half the project presents Sandé’s vocals clearly. This might appeal to some, but I prefer to hear her natural talent, which she has plenty of!


Release Date: February 28, 2020 Label: Mack Avenue Records


Artist:  Emeli Sandé

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Label: Chrysalis Records

Release Date: April 4, 2022

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