Battle Beast | Circus of Doom Review


Battle Beast | Circus of Doom Review

By Griff Stevens

battle-beast-cdBattle Beast is a German metal band that won the Wacken Metal Battle in 2010. That gained the attention of Nuclear Blast and resulted in the label releasing the band’s highly acclaimed debut album, Steel (2012). After the arrival of new frontwoman Noora Louhimo in 2012, the release of their self-titled sophomore record continued the band’s unstoppable journey to the top of the metal world. After moving to other labels, Battle Beast re-signed to Nuclear Blast in early 2021, and now the Finnish heavy metal sextet is releasing Circus of Doom. The album is ten new songs that blend true heavy metal with pop and rock vibes, paired with Louhimo‘s vocal elegance. “Our goal was to make an interesting and absorbing album, with both lighter party songs and heavier stuff as well. In a way, the whole album is like a joyful day at the circus. Full of enchanting surprises and wild carnival atmosphere,” explains keyboardist Janne Björkroth. The band is Noora Louhimo, vocals; Juuso Soinio, guitar; Joona Björkroth, guitar; Janne Björkroth, keyboards; Pyry Vikki, drums; and Eero Sipilä, bass.

The lead single, “Master Of Illusion,” is Battle Beast’s cinematic sounds creating a power metal anthem powered bybattle-beast-2 steady guitar, flowing keyboard, and a driving rhythm section. Louhimo’s vocals soar with power and authority. She embellished the melody with the heavy metal attitude that brings the 80s metal band sound to today’s generation. The guitar playing is highly melodic and technically proficient, accenting the powerful songwriting.

“Eye of the Storm” is another driving anthem of vocal power and dual guitar harmonies. Louhimo’s upper register singing is brilliant as she effortlessly climbs up her tessiture. This song shows the band still has the desire and ability to write catchy bangers while staying true to their formula of no BS heavy metal. With a successful mix of their heavy riffs and melodic vocals, they maintain a Heavy Metal sound while reaching commercially accessible sounds for the masses.

battle-beast-1Circus Of Doom is an encompassing album of strong melodies sung with power and fervour. The songwriting is rich with instrumental hooks, driving feels, and massive cinematic swells. The songs also have a deeper meaning for the global community, ranging from politicians to taking responsibility for our individual choices. Circus Of Doom marks the beginning of a new era in metal, and Battle Beast is leading the way.



Circus of Doom

Release Date: January 21, 2022

Label: Nuclear Blast

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