Katarina Pejak | Pearls On A String Review


Katarina Pejak | Pearls On A String Review

by Tom Faddis

Katarina-Pejak-5-Finger-Review-CDPearls On A String by Katarina Pejak, released under Ruf Records, showcases her multifaceted talents in singing, songwriting, and playing the keyboard within the electric blues genre. This album combines her original compositions with several covers and collaborates with artists like Laura Chavez and Dana Colley. It presents a rich tapestry of contemporary blues sounds, infused with lyrical complexity that delves into personal growth and introspection.

Pejak draws her inspiration from an eclectic array of influences, from Tom Waits to Bessie Smith, moving away from her classical roots to dive deep into the gritty essence of American roots music, enriched by her Balkan heritage. The musical synthesis on Pearls On A String beautifully blends traditional blues with elements of jazz and rock. Notable covers like the moody adaptation of Pink Floyd’s “Money” and the soulful take on “Honey Jar” by The Wood Brothers showcase her creative genre blending. Her original tracks, particularly the folk-jazz-infused title track and “Jeremy’s Boat,” with its slinky bass lines and moody vocals, demonstrate a robust stylistic affinity to artists like Norah Jones.

Pearls On A String reflects Pejak’s unique musical identity, bridging her Serbian roots and experiences in the American and French music scenes. This cross-cultural dialogue enriches the traditional blues genre with a diverse range of musical and cultural elements, making a significant contribution to its evolution.

Pearls On A String is a musical odyssey that traverses a spectrum of emotions. From the introspective depth of “Jeremy’s Boat” to the uplifting rhythms of “It Only Takes A Song,” the album guides listeners through a narrative of personal and artistic growth. Each track builds upon the last, culminating in a message that is both reflective and empowering.

The album flaunts technical acuity through intricate vocal and piano work with the added dynamic interplays among guitar, bass, and drums. Noteworthy is Boris Rosenfeld’s versatile guitar and pedal steel contributions. Standout tracks include the title song “Pearls On A String,” highlighting Pejak’s skillful piano and vocal delivery. The track “Woman” features a compelling saxophone solo by Dana Colley that adds a distinctive jazzy flair.

Katarina-Pejak-1Pearls On A String illustrates her aptitude for creating music that resonates on personal and universal levels. The album enriches the blues genre and solidifies Pejak’s status as a voice in the contemporary blues music scene, bridging various musical and cultural divides. Pearls On A String will resonate with blues, jazz, and soul music fans, representing a refreshing discovery within the blues genre. It is a must-listen for those who cherish musical storytelling interwoven with emotional and cultural richness.

5 Finger gives a review of 86

Pearls On A String

Release Date: April 19, 2024

Label: Ruf Records

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