Bea Miller: Chapter Three: Yellow

by Stella Landry

Singer, songwriter, and actress Bea Miller states, “I see colors when I listen to music. I’ve always been very affected by color. It’s a way to communicate a more complex idea in a simple way that a wide range of people can understand.” At thirteen, the singer was a finalist on The X Factor and went on to sing with Hollywood Records in 2013 with a full-length debut album, Not An Apology. Now 18, Miller is back and in color, bright, bold and beautiful with radiance. Over the course of a year Miller has released an anthology of Eps, divided into three parts and titled with a color theme, each delivering three new songs: chapter one: blue, chapter two: red and chapter three: yellow. To complete the colorful story arc, a full-length album compiling the chapters, with three additional new songs, will follow this November. “The final phase will be the completion of the cycle,” Miller says. Chapter Three: Yellow is a pleasurable collection of three songs that finds Miller’s voice growing with each recording. The album features collaborations with many notable songwriters and producers including: Julia Michaels, Justin Tranter, Sir Nolan, Jesse Shatkin and Pop & Oak, to Ilsey and Nick Jonas to name a few.

Opening with “Repercussions,” Miller’s warm voice floats over an electronic drum beat, a clean guitar part and a phat bassline. Her lyrics are mature and flow, speaking of real life situations. Her songwriting gets right to the point with easy to follow song structures and catchy hooks. Each pass through the song form has slight variations in instrumentation and/or backing vocals to keep the music fresh. The result is a nice build to the end of the tune, making a nice musical arc. Miller has a wide range and puts it to good use; her pitch is right on and she sings with emotion.

Chapter Three: Yellow is a strong EP for Miller. With her full-length album schedule for release this November, Miller has created a compelling story and collection of songs.  One that cements her place as a successful vocalist and songwriter. Her voice and maturity are a celebration of youth and coming of age, this “S.L.U.T.” has something to say, and she is unforgettable.


Track to sample first: “Repercussions.” The song to take a chance on is “S.L.U.T.”


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