Drew Schueler | Lovely Girl Review


Drew Schueler | Lovely Girl Review

By Illiam Sebitz

drew-schueler-cdDrew Schueler is a Nashville pop artist, songwriter, producer, and studio owner. Schueler was named a Top 10 finalist of NSAI’s Song Contest two years in a row and a finalist in ISC’s Song Competition. Schueler wrote his entire debut E.P. New Perspective and played all the instruments, produced, and mixed the whole project himself. “I have always been fascinated by all aspects of creating music,” Schueler said. “As with any kind of art, every tiny detail matters, and I love knowing everything that goes into my music.” Schueler is set up for his biggest year yet and releases his single “Lovely Girl,” available on all platforms now. Since touring is on hold due to the pandemic, Schueler spent time in his Nashville studio preparing a dozen releases and collabs for 2021. Last year, he released his first international collaboration to amassing over 2 million streams on his new releases. Now, with “Lovely Girl,” Schueler is set to continue his upward momentum.

“Lovely Girl” is a feel-good song with a strong melodic hook and catchy chorus. The lyrics are well-written and based on a romantic journey with pop and commercial appeal elements. “With this song, I wanted to match my LA-style pop sound with descriptive lyrics while incorporating a more guitar-driven vibe,” said Schueler. His voice is intimate and pure; hisdrew-schueler falsetto singing is controlled and emotive. “Lovely Girl” has a polished sound that perfectly supports the chorus’s soothing falsetto, making it a high point of the track. The drum and cymbal sounds and patterns fall on the generic side of the creative spectrum. Still, other than that, “Lovely Girl” is filled with exciting guitar, vocal harmonies, counterpoints, and varying sections that all make for a beautiful listen.

Drew Schueler has an impressive skill set, and “Lovely Girl” is the next upward step in this talented artist catalog. Combining elements of Nashville and L.A. is a winning mix and one that fits Schueler’s vocal style and sound. “Lovely Girl” shows that Schueler is a thriving songwriter, instrumentalist, and producer.

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Release Date: March 12, 2021


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