Gianna Isabella | Feel the Same Review


Gianna Isabella | Feel the Same Review

By Bea Willis

Gianna-Isabella-cdGianna Isabella is an up and coming vocalist that captured many fans when she placed in the Top 10 of American Idol Season 15. The New Jersey-born singer and songwriter has generations of musicians in her family. Her late grandfather, Harvey Kaplan, co-founded the sixties pop group Spiral Starecase. Her mother, aka Brenda K. Starr, had two eighties hits called “I Still Believe” and “What You See Is What You Get.” Isabella performed with her mom many times as a child. Isabella has cut her teeth in multiple singing competitions and has learned to thrive under pressure to deliver a consistent and beautiful vocal performance. She is now releasing her latest single, “Feel the Same.”

“Feel the Same” is a blend of commercial, pop, and electro-pop driven by Isabella’s strong vocal style. Her voice is rich in character and confident in projection. This is her second single, and she builds the sonic envelope with strings, house-influenced piano chords, and a dazzling disco bassline; however, the music could use more development. The clean guitar adds accents, and Isabella’s singing personality is playful and inviting.

Isabella is building a reputation as a singer and songwriter of talent and determination. Her second single, “Feel the Same,” continues her forward and upward trajectory. With her vocal skills and musical background, expect more great things from Isabella.


5 Finger gives a review of 86Feel the Same

Release Date : July 6, 2020

Label : MMM

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