Sarah Close : And Now, We’re Shining Review


Sarah Close : And Now, We’re Shining Review

By Bea Willis

sarah-close-cdSarah Close is a United Kingdom-based singer-songwriter that gained popularity by posting covers of songs on her YouTube channel that has now successfully made the transition to an artist. At the age of 18, Close moved to London to attend The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, where she studied music and songwriting. Close released her debut single, “Call Me Out” in 2017, later that year, she followed with her debut extended play Caught Up. Her release earned the attention of a label, and she soon signed a record deal with Parlophone Records. Parlophone dropped her in 2018, but undeterred, Close continues releasing music under her own record label, The Kodiak Club. In November of 2019, Close released her sixth single “Almost” and announced her upcoming mini-album called And Now, We’re Shining, which is to release on 20 March 2020.

“Cool” starts right on the verse with Close playing a fun guitar figure and singing a catchy melody. Her rhythmic style of her vocal delivery is playful. The chorus has vocal harmonies that build the sound and dynamics. The lyrics are relevant to today’s crazy social media world and flow with an honest story-line. Close’s songwriting is energetic, and she fills the song with different feels and vocal qualities.

“Almost” is an indie-pop song that follows the current pop genre formula. However, Close does bring new sounds to the formula that makes her a little different than the pack. Her vocal quality for one, is full and does not have to have a lot of effects to present well. Secondly, even when the typical drum sounds and pattern enter, she only keeps that for one section and then moves on to more organic and musical patterns. The song’s lyrics are well written and are easy to follow. Her playful style shines through and makes the song fun to listen to and move the body with.

Close is keeping her dream alive and moving forward. “Almost” and “Cool” are two winners, and that makes And Now, We’re Shining even greater. Her singing and songwriting is the key to her potential to catapult to even higher heights in 2020. The journey will be fun to hear none the less.

5-finger-rate-91And Now, We’re Shining

Release Date: March 20, 2020

Label: Lab Records

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