Seaforth – Love That Review


Seaforth – Love That Review

By: Griff Stevens

seaforth-cdSeaforth is a country-pop duo with over 20 years of childhood friendship invested in their chemistry.  That chemistry is ever present in their music and shines like a beacon.  The bands namesake is actually a suburb in Sydney Australia where the two songwriters Tom Jordan and Mitch Thompson grew up and shared every important moment of youth from soccer games to high school classes. The boys cut their teeth in their beloved town of Seaforth and it was not until they traveled to Nashville, TN. for a songwriting trip together that their destiny was cemented. Inspired by the stories of transformation by one of their heroes, Keith Urban, from Australia’s best-kept secret, into a global phenomenon, they knew destiny was knocking on their door too. The two decided to officially team up and form a collaborative project. Now an official duo, they aspired to permanently relocate to Nashville, but not before nodding to their shared roots by naming the band Seaforth.

On their EP Love That, Mitch Thompson and Tom Jordan have a beautiful mix of country meets pop on the opening title track. Beginning with a pop sounding beat and clear guitars. The two switch off for the verse, and join together for the pre-chorus. The chorus high value production and bring in elements of pop-country. The second time through we hear subtle pedal steel and a bouncing bass line. The result is a sound that appeals to both pop, country and even rock listeners. The guitar solo is short energetic and melodic. The real show stopper is Seaforth’s excellent vocal harmonies, both singers are outstanding on their own, but there is something quite special when they sing together.

“Talk to Me” is a pop/soft rock tune that has elements of soul and the duet unfolds the melody meticulously. The country instruments are subtle and build the track with understated beauty. The soulfulness of both singers adds to the luminescence of rich sound. Meaningful key changes keep the chorus lively and the guitar solos are well played and use interesting sounds. The production is full, and the band is tight. The beauty is still the mix of the two’s voices and the pleasing mix of country and pop.

Seaforth are well into making their dreams come to fruition. With the release of their EP, Love That their dreams that inspired them to move to Nashville, TN. was certainly a solid decision, not only for them as artists, but also for fans who are quickly discovering this engaging duet.

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