Alela Diane | Looking Glass Review


Alela Diane | Looking Glass Review

by Bea Willis

Alela-Diane-cdAlela Diane is an American Singer-Songwriter who has just released her sparkling sixth studio album, Looking Glass. The album is named after the energy of Lewis Carroll’s 1871 novel ‘Alice Through the Looking-Glass’ which is inspired by creating a space where the opposite of what is normal or expected and the meaning of simply viewing reflections“So much of our reality has been distorted through an unexpected lens,” said Diane, “In the album’s context, Looking Glass refers to both meanings. It is a portal to past and future, and a reflection on all that lies between.” It is particularly prescient in these current times, particularly after the pandemic, where Diane reflects, “The rug was pulled out. We’ve leaned on memory, been caught behind the fishbowl of our own homes — waving at a friend through the glass. A cellphone screen — a zoom meeting — the digital rabbit hole left behind by those who have passed on or simply drifted out of our lives.”

“Paloma” focuses on a set of stirring lyrics augmented by a catchy guitar figure, a light drum beat, and a growing melodyalela-diane-2 that will spin in your mind’s ear for hours. The recording sets a tone of warmth and comfort and her vocals are rich in textures and sonics.

Diane’s music is textured with Americana, indie-folk, and rock. “When We Believed” is a fine example of this combination. Diane’s vocals float above acoustic guitars. Her lyrics are contemplative, and her melodies are unique.

alela-diane-1Alela Diane has created a beautiful soundscape rooted in flowing organic music on Looking Glass that seems to refresh the soul as much as it stimulates the aural senses with waves of nurturing textures. The music has a theme of nature, natural emotions, and simple feelings that bring the mind to a place of com that you would not expect, yet the unexpected effect.


Looking Glass

Release Date: October 14, 2022

Label: Self-Released

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