Arp Dinkelaker | The Dawn Tapes (A Night Trilogy for Solo Piano Pt. III) Review


Arp Dinkelaker | The Dawn Tapes (A Night Trilogy for Solo Piano Pt. III) Review

By Illiam Sebitz

Arp-Dinkelaker-cdArp Dinkelaker is a designer and musician based in Berlin that creates a diverse sound in electronic music. With his many influences and frayed musical background in classical music education (violin, piano, composing), his music has a gentile elegance that reflects his experiences. As a teen, he had a record deal and released two pop albums. While developing his music, he also spent time devoting himself to studying architecture, minimal art, and electronic music. His music is a synthesis of all of these facets of space to direct his musical constructions. The Dawn Tapes is the third part of “A Night Trilogy for Solo Piano”. Through this series, Dinkelaker deals with his parents’ dying and death, whom he lost in quick succession within four weeks at the turn of 2019/20.

“Rise in E Major” opens the set of eleven tunes. The song documents and highlights his flawless technique, pedal tones, and flowing melody, and all with a deep appreciation for balance and shape in the presentation of the songs. With a comfortable pace, Dinkelaker develops the motif from a brief meditation to a rousing rhapsodizing. The melody has a charm and dazzles with its design flow between sections.

“Hesitate in A Minor” is a pop tune that pulls our emotions along the way while roaming through a reflective melody. The tones pull forth the meanings embedded and implied in the sentiment behind the project. The feel is relaxing as the phrases move and gesture to call a product of the sum of his influences and his steady developments through his expression.Arp-Dinkelaker

Dinkelaker is not what one might find typical in the electronic/New Age genre, but The Dawn Tapes forms a series of songs with a mecca feeling and relaxing melodies. The pieces have extreme attention to detail and draw on his music, architecture, and minimal art skill set. The Dawn Tapes (A Night Trilogy for Solo Piano Pt. III) explores the inner landscapes of thoughts and emotions with a refined piano map provided by Dinkelaker.

The Dawn Tapes (A Night Trilogy for Solo Piano Pt. III)

Release Date : January 22, 2021

Label : Artistfy Music


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