Galleass : Short Stories Review


Galleass : Short Stories Review

by Griff Stevens

Antonio-Marzinotto-cdGalleass is a project led by Antonio Marzinotto, a London-based musician who loves to experiment with blending jazz with ethnic and avant-garde inspirations. Galleass approaches improvision by taking a given theme and exploring the various harmonic progressions and the rhythmic choices it can accept and support. Marzinotto is joined by a group of musicians that also find liberation in this search for new territories, elusive as it may be. The ensemble comprises Eric Ford on drums, Miles Danso on bass, Bruno D’Ambra on piano, and Marzinotto on guitar and compositions. Now Antonio Marzinotto is releasing his album titled Short Stories.

“A Walk” has a dreamy, suspended emotion that the ensemble digs into and develops. Each player builds with the theme to create a sum supported by each integral part. Marzinotto’s guitar-playing islyrics and conveyed through a warm-boxed guitar tone. His musical language reaches beyond the jazz vernacular, incorporating many influences but always focusing on melody and precision.

“Stutch” is dedicated to the opening theme of the television series Starsky and Hutch but is subtly influenced by WeatherAntonio-Marzinotto-3 Report’s “Birdland.” Here the ensemble shows their ability to generate a groove that feels good and inspires the soloist. The melody is well-conceived, and Marzinotto’s solo blends with the ensemble to elicit a definitive musical statement. All together. D’Ambra and Marzinotto perform a conversation dance of solo lines, mixing single lines and intelligent chordal figures.

Antonio-Marzinotto-2Short Stories is rich in musical substance. The songs are well-written and performed by an ensemble that explores the many possibilities of the compositions and connects with each other to create a groove. Each performer brings a unique part to the sum that makes this project an enjoyable collection of Short Stories.


5-finger-rate-90Artist: Galleass

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Label: Self-Released

Release Date: March 1, 2022

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    I did not even know about this review, and thanks so much for the time you spent listening to my Music.
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