Goldmyth | Triptych Review


Goldmyth | Triptych Review

by Bea Willis

Goldmyth-cdGoldmyth is a singer, harpist, and producer making indie pop music with her band in Provo, Utah. Goldmyth is the stage name for Jenessa Smith, who grew up putting off her classical lessons in favor of writing melancholy pop songs, and now her glimmering harp chords are underpinned by lo-fi beats. Goldmyth’s debut EP, Faded Dream, featured her music as a blend of her voice and harp with layers of synth and percussion. With a string of new singles and videos, she has also been busy touring with her band, opening for artists like Muna, Kacy Hill, and Tops, and just coming off a festival with Phoebe Bridgers and Mac DeMarco. Her music has seen recent placements with VSCO, Toyota, and HBO’s original, The Sex Life of College Girls, and an upcoming placement on Showtime’s I Love That For You with Vanessa Bayer. This year, she will continue to record and self-produce her debut album and tour with her band, including the UMS in Denver, this summer. In addition, Goldmyth is releasing her latest single, “Triptych.”

“Triptch” opens with an interesting and catchy synth figure that the song develops around. Goldmyth has a warm,Goldmyth-1 pleasant voice with a tinge of fragility. The song deftly employs various techniques to make the music grow. The band has an earthy sound and a knack for coaxing warmth into their instruments. The lyrics are written to tell a story and capture your attention. All of this combines to yield a successful outing for Goldmyth.

Goldmyth is creating music with a broad appeal, her beautiful voice is hauntingly charming, andGoldmyth-2 the band supports her with style and respect. In addition, the single is accompanied by an outstanding video, which should pull even more fans in for Goldmyth.

5 Finger Review Rating!


Release Date: June 24, 2022

Label: Self-Released

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