Camiel Boomsma | Rediscovered – Bagatellen and Clavierstücke Review


Camiel Boomsma | Rediscovered – Bagatellen and Clavierstücke Review

By Illiam Sebitz

camiel-boomsma-cdCamiel Boomsma is a classical pianist accoladed for his extraordinary sound and unique touch that emphasizes telling a musical story. Boomsma has dazzled audiences worldwide at major venues such as the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, St John’s Smith Square in London, Klavierfestival, and Wagner Festspiele in Bayreuth, the series Master Pianist in Heerlen (NL), Schloss Elmau (DE) as well as venues in China. Boomsma loves to play chamber music as well, and he performs regularly with master pianist Severin von Eckhardstein and violinist Gwendolyn Masin. Boomsma is now exploring the music by two Dutch composers, Gerhard and his son Karel Hamm. He was inspired to record their music after Carl Hamm, a direct descendant, gave Boomsma a stack of scores. He explains, “While playing through the pieces at home, I was struck by their delicacy and narrative power.” The new project is titled Rediscovered – Bagatellen and Clavierstücke.

Opening with “No.1 ‘Als ich dich sah!’” from Gerhard Hamm’s Gefunden: 6 Clavierstücke in Liedform opus 18, the beauty and Romantic lyricism of the music is instantly recognizable and rendered by Boomsma. The composition is expressive, concise, and has a clear motif that develops through the piece. Boomsma’s phrasing and dynamics add clarityCamiel-Boomsma and drama to the music, building a universe of musicality and musical emotion.

Karel Hamm’s compositions on the album are beautiful in their simplicity and masterful in their melodic authority. “Romanze” is a stunning example of this, and Boomsma’s playing is superlative in its expressiveness. The piece is filled with romantic and vulnerable colors that are gentle and flowing.

Rediscovered – Bagatellen and Clavierstücke explores the romantic music of two composers that focused on the poetic expression of melody. Boomsma’s superb pianism and musicianship makes them come alive, and he gives vivid character to each selection. His deliberate articulation causes the phrases to sing off the page gently and musically. Boomsma has found a rich treasure in this Dutch music, and we are fortunate he has presented it to us in such high authority.

Rediscovered – Bagatellen and Klavierstücke

Release Date: June 4, 2021

Label: Challenge Classics

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Instrumental

Artist: Camiel Boomsma


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