B.A.D.A. – Chemical Odysseys Review


B.A.D.A. – Chemical Odysseys Review

By: Griff Stevens

B.A.D.A.-cdB.A.D.A. is a Brazilian and American electro-indie fusion of chill pop and electronica. The duo of New York-based artist/producer/multi-instrumentalist Carey Clayton and Los Angeles based Brazilian artists/producer Pedro Cesario is the creative masterminds behind B.A.D.A. The duet’s first project was the NPR-featured self-produced trilingual visual album. It was recorded throughout 2019 in a cabin in Woodstock NY, the Abbey Road studios in London by the hands of John Barret (James Bay, Daniel Ceaser, George Ezra) – where features of fellow musicians Emmavie, Rayon, and the British Youth Choir were added – and then finished in Clayton’s bedroom in Greenpoint Brooklyn, with mixings by Luke Moelman (synth-pop duo Great Goof Fine Ok) and masterings by Chris Gheringuer (Lizzo, Janele Monale, Harry Styles). B.A.D.A. is now releasing a new single titled “Chemical Odysseys,” which follows up “Exile” released in early March. The single has a psych-disco feel with breezy vocals and swirling synths.

“Chemical Odysseys” starts with atmospheric sounds and Pedro’s light vocals. The lyrics deal with escapism and the pain of the biggest anxieties of today’s times – the fear of being and dying alone. Pedro explains, “I lived for years in a passive state of psychedelia, trying to stay away from myself. The isolation was the tool that allowed me to understand the meaning behind what I was experiencing.” The beatBADA builds, as does the vocal harmonies and swirling synths and guitar parts. There are elements of electronica and E.D.M. combined with a catchy pop melody. The duet creates an ever-evolving sound of layers and musical settings. Carey’s musical support of the vocals keeps the energy flowing without distracting or covering the soft vocal melodies. Together they have created a song that deals with an intellectual concept while maintaining a definite sound and outlook.

B.A.D.A. is a duet that is built on excellent songwriting, quality sounds, energetic beats, and deep lyrics. Carey and Pedro are taking elements of pop, electronica, and disco to create something that is entertaining to listen to and upon deep listening, something to ponder. “Chemical Odysseys” is a psych-disco dream that will not disappoint.

5-finger-rate-90Chemical Odysseys

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