Val Giamo | Jade Review


Val Giamo | Jade Review

By Elerton Cisnero

Val-Giamo-cdVal Giamo is a Russian composer, singer, and record producer currently living in Gothenburg, Sweden. Giamo honed her compositional process while working as a composer, arranger, pianist, and singer, helping with a wide variety of musical projects and working with many styles of music groups and bands. In 2018, Giamo moved to Sweden and devoted an entire year to writing piano music. In 2019, Fragments was released, which contains ten fragments, played by piano and cello, designed to reflect different seasons and moods, reminding one of mint or burgundy. Giamo’s diverse education and experience in entirely different genres ranging from trip-hop to classical piano music, has allowed her to create compositions that are completely personal and, at the same time, understandable and moving to the listener.

“Jade” is her latest single, a composition for solo piano that is atmospheric with a beautiful melody. “Jade” is the first single from her upcoming second album to be released on September 18, 2020. With a singable melody, Giamo develops the composition with a relaxed and intimate touch at the piano. The melody flows through exciting Val-Giamovariations in harmonic movement. The piece is relaxing and delicate. The piano’s sound leans more to New Age, with a rather bright top end compared to the balanced sound we all expect from solo classical piano recordings. However, the beauty of the melody and playing still ring true.

Giamo is pulling multiple life experiences and combining them with many musical skills to create something beautiful in “Jade.” Her piano playing is very subtle and lyrical, and the music will appeal to a wide range of listeners with its clarity and relaxing ambiance.


Release Date : August 21, 2020

Label: van Drumpt

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