Starcrawler | She Said Review


Starcrawler | She Said Review

by Griff Stevens

starcrawler-cdStarcrawler is back with their September 16, 2022; Big Machine Records release, She Said. The thirty minutes are covered by ten songs, and find the pop-punk meets punk/rock band hitting all the right triggers for an enjoyable album. The band consists of full-throttle frontwoman Arrow De Wilde, guitarist Henri Cash and brother Bill Cash on pedal steel/guitar, drummer Seth Carolina, and bassist Tim Franco. The adrenaline-fueled new album was produced by industry titan Tyler Bates, who met the band when they worked together on “Goodtime Girl,” a stand-alone single for DC’s Dark Nights: Death Metal soundtrack.

Bringing us a heavy dose of old-school punk is the album’s opener, “Road Kill.” De Wilde’s vocals are vital as the crunchy guitars, thumping bass, and driving drums set the punk vibe. The song has a balance ofstarcrawler-2 sounds, backing vocals, harmonies, and doublings. The 70s influenced the instrument sounds. Each chorus adds more vocal layers supporting the lead, which adds fullness. The song has many textures and an edge that will grab your attention, mainly De Wilde’s fiery singing.

“Better Place” is a new sound for Starcrawler with its male/female vocals and pedal steel guitar. The song shows that Starcrawler is continuing to grow and search for new sounds. The lyrics are emotional and easy to relate to and understand. When the full band enters during the golden moment, it is a mix of Nirvana meets Lynyrd Skynyrd. Either way, it is an exciting direction for them.

starcrawler-1Starcrawler fills the space of punk rock, alt. rock, and grunge with She Said. De Wilde is an outstanding vocalist; her magnetism pulls you into each selection. The album fulfills the band’s discordant energy for which the band is known, but other sounds move past the adrenaline-inducing selections, revealing different angles of expression that will keep Starcrawler relevant and moving higher and higher in the star field of reliable rock with a feisty female lead.

5-finger-rate-91Artist: Starcrawler

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Label: Big Machine Records

Release Date: September 16, 2022

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