Blue Rodeo | Many A Mile Review


Blue Rodeo | Many A Mile Review

By Griff Stevens

blue-rodeo-cdBlue Rodeo is a country band that has taken the road less traveled for close to thirty years – and succeeded far beyond anyone’s expectations. The Canadian band emerged in the early ’80s as a countrified rock band in the era of hair metal and glossy pop. Now, with their 16th Warner Music Canada studio album – Many A Mile – Blue Rodeo’s successes are measured in terms that include induction into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame (2012), receiving a Governor General’s Performing Arts Award (2014), an acknowledgment that the band has steadfastly defined itself by its own terms, and in the years that ensued, sold more than four million records.

“When You Were Wild” is the first song and starts with a gentle country vibe with tasty guitar parts and pedals steel swells. The lyrics are well-conceived and will quickly draw you into the storyline and hold you until the end. The song has many surprises in store for the astute listener, with many intricacies happening in the instruments for the song’s duration. This level of songwriting is why Blue Rodeo has had staying power on the music scene and won many awards.

“All In Your Hands” brings in a more traditional country sound and feel. The strumming acoustic guitars add power asblue-rodeo the vocals tell the story. The multipart harmonies add to the melody and depth of the song. This band fully appreciates where they sit in the pantheon of music. “Success seemed really real when we were entertaining people at The Horseshoe. That was the top of the heap for us,” Cuddy says. “When you look back, you realize that it has just been this beautiful dream.” This unification of sound comes from 35 years of performing, and together they have played over 2,000 shows, been inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, received a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame, been named to the Order of Canada, and have been honored with the Governor General’s Performing Arts Award. And they’re still as strong as ever with the upcoming release of their 16th album, Many A Mile, and a national tour on the horizon.

blue-rodeo-2Blue Rodeo presents twelve catchy, heartfelt songs on Many A Mile. Each selection hits with sincere vocals supported assertively by a great country band. Together they mesh beautifully to create broad, cleverly crafted choruses, tight rhythms, robust vocal harmonies, and satisfying song forms. Many A Mile is clean and pure country music impassioned by a band that marches to their own beat inspired by country’s open borders.



5-finger-rate-93Artist: Blue Rodeo

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Label: Warner Music Canada

Release Date: December 3 2021


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  1. I love love your music this new many a mile is awesome my husband and I wedding song was list together we love all your music very excited about your new album for you all congratulations peace and joy

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