CeCe Gable | Next Year’s Song Review


CeCe Gable | Next Year’s Song Review

by Bea Willis

cece-gable-cdVocalist CeCe Gable wowed us with her full-length album More Than a Song in 2020 with well-chosen standards and an all-star lineup, with a follow-up winter-themed single “Once Again Its Winter.”  Now in 2021, Gable is back with another all-star lineup featuring bassist Harvie S, pianist Alan Broadbent and drummer Matt Wilson on “Next Year’s Song.”  


An original with shared credits, Gable provided lyrics, and the music is by Harvie S.CeCe-Gable-1 The single reflects on the very tough year that 2021 has brought. With the pandemic still ever-present in our society, along with heavy weather events and discourse among the population, “Next Year’s Song” reminds us there is peace and harmony available to us if we only choose. The lessons we have learned surely can guide how we can resolve for the coming year.  


CeCe-Gable-2The ensemble is magical; they effortlessly glide and accent the melody in all the right places, keeping a gentle yet effective palette for Gable to express her sage lyric upon. Gable resonates with telling depth as each lyric reminds us that we can do anything together. Her lyrical advice is as strong as the performances – a lasting original in the cannon of jazz. One I hope to hear recorded many times through the ages. “Next Year’s Song” is a fitting tribute to the human spirit, presented by an ensemble that conveys the passion of the song with opulence. 

5-finger-rate-90Artist: CeCe Gable

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Label: 3522549 DK

Release Date: December 10, 2021

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