Tim Hart | Winning Hand Review


Tim Hart | Winning Hand Review

By Bea Willis

tim-hart-cdTim Hart is a Sydney-born singer-songwriter who is pursuing a solo career and being a member of the indie-folk band Boy & Bear. Keeping this all going is a balancing act for Hart, consisting of splitting time between family, solo music, and band life. He is releasing a new album called Winning Hand. This is his third solo album, and it is filled with songwriting stories of longing, love, and, at times, heartbreak. Drawing from both personal experience and the tales from the road.

Recorded at Sydney’s Golden Retriever Studios with engineer Simon Berkelman, this was the first time Hart recorded his solo music with a full band, inviting various skilled session musicians into his world. The result is a living, grooving album with all the hallmarks of an album recorded in the old way. He says, “Now more than ever, I want to be able to connect with people. Share stories and songs. I think that’s what we all need in a year that has been so unpredictable and tough.”

A winning 70s esthetic permeates the feel-good rhythms of “Steady as She Goes,” there is a throwback feeling of breezy rolling sun-kissed days filled with Hart’s accessible and pleasing voice. The backing group adds just the proper support not to overpower his earthy voice. Like a whisper in your ear, the track lingers beyond the listen, making for an appealingtim-hart song. Alternatively, “Turn to Salt” offers a darker mood, showcasing Hart’s best Chris Isaak vibe.

“Ace of Hearts” features acoustic guitar in a more organic setting and is a lovely texture change and getting back to Hart’s roots. Tying up the album “Wild White Tiger,” featuring a memorable melody that evokes a nostalgic feeling of anticipation. Once again, Hart’s dreamy voice encapsulates a resonate sound that beckons you to savor each tune and relisten once again.

Winning Hand has an appealing perspective. Hart makes his case, and lyric ideas grow and flow organically. He seems to ramp up at all the right moments but charmingly and engagingly. The additive of a full band is a winning concept, making Winning Hand aptly titled. 

5-finger-rate-91Winning Hand

Release Date: February 19, 2021

Label : Nettwerk Records

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  1. Big fan of Tim Hart ❤️

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