FLØRE | Zombie Review


FLØRE | Zombie Review

by Bea Willis

FLØRE-cdFLØRE is a vocalist and songwriter based in Germany that creates songs and lyrics “to give this weird existence a meaning,” says FLØRE. Finding inspiration in the darkness of growing up as a moon lover, she expresses her loneliness in her songs as she tells stories about her fragileness, fondness for unusual human beings, and shattered love. FLØRE has released three EPS, SUPERBLOOM, ROMANIAC, and RISE OF THE ROMANIAC. She is now releasing her single “Zombie.”

“Zombie” has elements of pop punk, rock, and electro-pop. FLØRE furthers, “The song is about the on-off relationships you have with past lovers. They keep crawling back to you like mindless Zombies, bringing back to life what was already dead.”

FLØRE continues, “I think breaking free from those toxic on-and-off relationships is so hard because somewhere there’sFLØRE-1 a part of you that still gets excited when someone’s name pops up on your screen months or even years later. Which makes you fall in these memory holes again, and you catch yourself wishing one day it would be different, and it would work out. But some relationships can’t be killed and instead remain undead forever.”

FLØRE-2“Zombie” is accompanied by a beautiful video directed by Jared Asher Harris. FLØRE’s song has style and well-written lyrics, and her voice is expressive and lovely. The instruments and production support her naturally warm singing without overuse of effects. FLØRE is making a catchy statement, and she needs to be on your radar.

5 Finger Review Rating!


Release Date: June 24, 2022

Label: Valeria Music

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