IFIHADAHIFI | The Dryad Review


IFIHADAHIFI | The Dryad Review

By Illiam Sebitz

IFIHADAHIFI-cdIFIHADAHIFI is a project led by Gideon Frankel, a global music multi-instrumentalist and composer. Frankel has compiled a group of musicians from around the world to realize eleven of his original compositions called The Dryad. The album features the vibrant and soulful performances of American jazz flutist Jamichael Frazier and Italian Vibraphonist Gianluca Manfredonia, backed by vintage keys, upright bass, drums, and percussion.

“Burning Blues” showcases Frankel’s writing and Pianet playing. Manfredonia and Frazier twist and turn through the written parts over a groove with elements of Latin, African, jazz, and cinematic characters. Frazier’s flute solo has many expressive moments; his precision indicates a strong understanding of jazz and other improvised music from around the globe. The music is playfully pointed, and everyone sounds joyful and locked into the groove. Frankel’s writing is fluent and intelligently balanced for maximum musicality and minimum clatter. Swift elegance and characterful humor deliciously abound in “Burning Blues.”

“Sweet Tears” effortlessly dispatches the opening flourishes and wide intervals for a silky groove that conveys Frankel’sGideon-Frankel-Photo-Andrew-Raszevsky uncommon melodic shaping. The Quasi Latin groove has a recitative-like effect built on by Frazier’s and vibraphonist Antonie Veskovski’s solos. Frankel’s writing is articulated with a clever degree of rhythmic focus that imbues the music with a welcome gravitas and graciousness.

Gideon-Frankel-1The Dryad has a series of themes that are decorative embellishments of rhythms from around the world to express Frankel’s compositional style. He takes plenty of time for the development of each piece with various ensembles, instruments, and soloists. One might describe IFIHADAHIFI’s The Dryad as a cool and sophisticated collection of songs that could only come from a composer such as Frankel. A worldly traveler that traverses the globe both musically and physically.


The Dryad

Release Date: February 1, 2023

Label: Naked Muse

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