Laura Cox | Head Above Water Review


Laura Cox | Head Above Water Review

by Griff Stevens

laura-cox-cdLaura Cox’s new album, Head Above Water, contains 11 great rock songs bursting with energy and a great personality. It was recorded at ICP Studios in Brussels by Erwin Autrique and mastered by multiple GRAMMY-winner Ted Jensen (Eagles, Norah Jones, Green Day). Her third album, Cox, is following up previous album, Burning Bright, and she played at some of the biggest European festivals last year (Hellfest, Pol’and’Rock, Rock Palast). In addition, Cox interviewed the legendary Scorpions for ARTE, and she had the honor to have a documentary about her quick rise in the rock scene produced by German TV station WDR for the historical show Rockpalast. The Laura Cox band is Laura Cox – vocals, guitars, banjo; Mathieu Albiac – Guitars; Adrian Kah – Bass; and Antonin Guerin – drums, percussion.

Opening with “Head Above Water,” Cox superbly blends blues and rock as her singing and playing rocks with a classiclaura-cox-2 vibe. Cox shows that she has guitar chops equal to her robust vocals with a catchy riff and tasty guitar fills. The songwriting is filled with intelligent transitions and textures. The half-time feel that introduces her guitar solo is excellent and allows the six strings to sing.

“Fever” is a gritty selection driven by guitars, thumping bass, and steady drums. Cox’s vocals are sensual, with her relaxed glissandos in the melody. With added vocal harmonies, the song builds, methodically layering parts and vocals to keep the energy alive. Another tasty guitar solo, this time built by a double time feel, is performed, and Cox keeps the feel-good rock blues at the heart of the matter.

laura-cox-1Laura Cox holds the torch for blues rock with fantastic songwriting, singing, and playing. Head Above Water delivers a sound of an artist buzzing with ideas and passion. The album will reward a deep dive, so do not hesitate to wade into the deep end and keep your Head Above Water.


Head Above Water

Release Date: January 20, 2023

Label: Ear

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