CINDERS | Gold Pearl Review


CINDERS | Gold Pearl Review

by Griff Stevens

Cinders-5-Finger-Review-CDIn the latest musical endeavor from CINDERS, the Salt Lake City-based trio unveils “Gold Pearl,” a single that brings their sound to the fore as they continue to show their evolving songwriting. As a band that has consistently blurred the lines between alternative, indie, and pop since their 2016 debut, CINDERS—comprised of Montana Smith (vocals, guitar), Adrian De La Cruz (bass), and Brad Bennett (drums)—demonstrate their unique chemistry and shared vision in this new release. Their journey, marked by nearly 15 million collective streams and notable comparisons to bands like Grouplove and The Front Bottoms, continues to impress with a distinct blend of infectious melodies and thoughtful instrumentation.

“Gold Pearl” is a track from their forthcoming EP, Going Nowhere, slated for release on March 29th. This single encapsulates the trio’s reflections on the modern malaise of “doom scrolling” and its detrimental effects on mental health. Through the metaphor of a ‘gold pearl,’ representing untapped potential obscured by the endless scroll on social media, CINDERS touches on aCinders-1 poignant theme with both subtlety and depth. The song’s lyrical ambiguity, a deliberate choice by the band, invites listeners to derive their own meanings and connections, enhancing the track’s universal appeal.

“Gold Pearl” exudes a sunny, optimistic vibe that belies the critical commentary of its lyrics. The track is anchored by a solid bass line and head-nodding drum patterns, over which Smith’s mellow and expressive vocals shine. The song’s structure showcases CINDERS’ songwriting ability, with solid vocal harmonies, a catchy bridge, and engaging acoustic guitar playing.

Cinders-2To celebrate the release of Going Nowhere, CINDERS is set to perform a headlining show in their hometown of Salt Lake City, promising an event that will highlight their new work and commemorate their journey thus far. With “Gold Pearl,” CINDERS addresses the complexities of modern life but also offers a musical escape, giving listeners the joy of music and the potential joy that exists beyond the screen.

5 Finger gives a review of 86

Gold Pearl

Release Date: February 21, 2024

Label: Brichbrook Records

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