Karen Law and family: The Calm After The Storm

by Griff Stevens

Based in Australia, Karen Law is a contemporary folk singer-songwriter that creates music based in lyrics about life-affirming insight. Her third album, The Calm After The Storm is a riveting listen. The twelve-track project finds Law singing of journeys, both outer and inner, of healing, recovery and the eternal spirit. Recorded with her husband David and three children, the album features her son Murray on multiple guitars and backing vocals, Hazel and Roanna on backing vocals and David on didgeridoo. The album was recorded and mixed by Pix Vane-Mason at Pix Records, Conondale. Guest musicians include Leon Tussie (drums), Rob Greenfield (bass), Mal Webb (horns), Anna Armstrong (strings), Tommy Leonard (additional backing vocals). The album is a beautiful journey of sounds and lyrics that you will enjoy. Law’s voice is light and easy on the ears.

“Fragile Wind,” the first single from the album, features a flowing acoustic guitar intro that leads to Law’s fist verse. The lyrics are moving and the melody flows with ease over the chord progression. Law moves up in her vocal register for the chorus giving the tune a meaningful lift. The second chorus has lovely vocal harmonies.  There is nothing more stunning than the close harmonies of siblings. Law’s music is positive and brims with folk styling.

Continuing the positive note, “Good Things” again features Law’s poetic lyrics and well-structured songwriting. The tune has a nice feel and the harmonies are exceptional and well-executed. You can always spot an artist’s authenticity, which in simple terms means it will speak to your heart. Law does not try to overcomplicate things, she keeps the music clear and focused on the lyrics and melodies.

A family effort, each member is an integral part to the success of the overall sound.  The Calm After The Storm is proof positive a family that plays together is a sound unlike any other.  One of trust, reliance and comfort and it shows with each note sung, and every note played.  Highly recommended.

Tracks to sample first: “Good Things,” “Fragile Wind” and “Every Bird in the World.” The song to take a chance on is “After the Storm.”





The Calm After The Storm

by Karen Law and family

  • Release Date: September 5, 2018
  • Label: Self-Released

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