Turning Jewels Into Water, Which Way Is Home?

by Bea Willis

Turning Jewels Into Water is a duet that is building a whole new spectrum of world sonics, with deep-beats combined with rushing sounds of pulse and sine waves from behind the command center of turntables and electronic drums. The duet is percussionist Ravish Momin on electronic drums, live loops, and programming by Haitian experimental electronic engineer Val Jeanty (Val-Inc) on turntables and electronic drums. The duet was initiated in the fall of last year in Brooklyn, NY, during a jam session at Pioneer Work. The duet has released Which Way Is Home?, an EP of five songs that are a tapestry of creative and multi-disciplinary adventures in electronic music. The Which Way Is Home? EP features three original tracks, along with two remixes by Nyege Nyege Tapes-affiliated, Kampala-based producers Slikback and Zilla. It’s from FPE Records in VINYL or DIGITAL formats only (CD version not available).

The title track opens the album, with swirling delay and swelling sounds, the duet begins their methodic build to a beat that is captivating and shifting. The phrases of music all flow seamlessly and create a wholly musical sound that us unusual and inspired all in one. The sounds of voices rise amid the stirring of rhythmic colors and layers. The second track is a (Slikback Remix) of the title track, but heard together, they form an interesting suite that flows from motivic fragments to a developed beat, fortified with textures that the genre is famous for.

“Vishwas” brings the half-organic and half-machine created sounds through the speakers in rhythmic waves. Scratching sounds play counterpoint to the beats. There is a clear sense of form and thematic development as the music unfolds through ritual of sounds. Here the poly-rhythms are excellent, and they make for a dramatic climax and release.  Their EP has a dynamic mark sonically and emotionally, which is cornerstone to the overall success of the EP.

Which Way Is Home? finds the creative duet of Momin and Val-Inc producing sounds that embrace the mutant dub-thrum of Shackleton (and that whole Skull Disco vibe), Muslimgauze and Hieroglyphic. The duet’s mastery of dense poly-rhythms influenced by Afro-Futurism creates a dazzling Afro-Electronica sound that is infectious.  It is clear the duets desire to reach beyond the envelope and push their music to new heights is ever present, while still maintaining an essence with a robust world music influence.

Tracks to sample first: “Vishwas,” “Which Way is Home” and “Lights Below the Water” The song to take a chance on is “Which Way Is Home (Zilla Remix).”




Which Way Is Home?

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