Lyndol Descant : All Love

by Illiam Sebitz

Vocalist, pianist, and songwriter Lyndol Descant takes her training in music and improvisation and combines that with her world travels to channel her variety of art form in a way that is unique and communitive to the soul. With a musical style that is broad reaching and eclectic, her vocal style has elements of pop, folk and jazz, and her lyrics are thoughtful and speak to subjects the are relatable and interesting. She studied classical piano and choral vocal training thru her teens. In addition to music, Descant also creates through the mediums of photography, painting, and writing. As a lifelong mystic, her mission is to unleash more peace and love upon this world through her creativity is conceived through her third release of original compositions entitled All Love. The nine songs revolve around Descant’s impressive piano playing and memorable lyrics and melodies.

“Storm” starts with a cool piano figure that plays with the rhythmic pulse, this certainly comes from Descant’s jazz influence. Her warm singing floats over the piano and drum pattern with lyrics that are interesting and well-thought-out. The track is orchestrated with only piano and electronic drums to support Descant’s singing, but it works nicely to draw the listener into an intimate feeling with Descant.

“Metaphysical Girl” is just Descant singing at the piano for the beginning with the electronic drums entering for more impact. Her lyrics are well-crafted, and the vocal harmonies are a nice touch. Descant’s piano solos are very melodic and fit with the surrounding music very agreeably. Her song structures are interesting and keep your curiosity peaked as she unfolds her story. Her lyrics in general deal with exploring philosophical and metaphysical subjects, so Descant must be a “Metaphysical Girl.”

A wonderful third offering in an ever-growing discography of depth and meaning.  Descant will embrace you with her thoughtful lyrics and memorable melodies.  A strong outing that is worth the price of admission.


Tracks to sample first: “Vicious Valentine,” “Storm” and “Metaphysical Girl.” The song to take a chance on is “Reeds.”

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