Eryn Shewell : Lady E

by Bea Willis

Eryn Shewell is a singer and songwriter from MD that now calls New Jersey her home. Her powerful vocal style has earned her a strong reputation in the traditions of jazz, blues and country, a unique style that she fuses with a modern pop panache. Shewell began singing professionally at age thirteen when she started a ten-year run singing with the country band Sundance. “Music has always been my passion, my therapeutic outlet. I’m not just chasing fame; this is my career. I will always work in the music industry in some capacity,” says Shewell. Shewell’s new album is titled, Lady E.  The six songs are built around the blues style with Shewell’s inimitable songwriting and pop sensibilities.

“Hallelujah You’re Gone” opens the album with Shewell’s witty lyrics and impressive vocal style. Her range is extensive, and she has control throughout. The melody is memorable, and the song structure is easy to follow with nice variations and background singing. It is obvious that Shewell knows how to write witty lyrics that are both engaging and storytelling.

“Stranger in My House” finds Eryn in a more introspective mood, but still full of passion and feeling when conveying the melody and story. The tune has a nice pop western vibe, but Eryn keeps the blues alive in her vocal delivery and phrasing.

Its clearly evident the soulful sounds of Maryland where the likes of Eva Cassidy and Mary Ann Redmond cut their teeth has also blessed Eryn Shewell. This latest in her thriving discography is continued proof of her soulful renderings of well-penned tunes. A worthwhile listen throughout.  Highly recommended.


Tracks to sample first: “Hallelujah You’re Gone,” “Just Jump” and “Stranger in My House.” The song to take a chance on is “Running Red Lights.”

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