Myles Kennedy : Year of the Tiger

by Tom Faddis

Myles Kennedy has been building a reputation as one of the strongest lead vocalist around. He has fronted and played guitar for Alter Bridge and Slash’s band. Kennedy’s talents don’t stop with his full bodied vocal talents, he is a gifted songwriter too. Kennedy has now released his first solo record, the greatly anticipated Year Of The Tiger. Kennedy presents twelve well-crated songs that feature him primarily playing acoustic guitar, resulting in an emotional and stirring album that is a joy to behold.

A strumming acoustic guitar opens the album, and soon Kennedy’s strong voice enters, the journey begins. His rich vocals have a wide range and he is in total control of his glissandos and phrasing. The melody is memorable, and the lyrics are personable, which convey strongly in his delivery. Opening with “Year of the Tiger, sets the tone for the listener, affirming the journey is going to be something special.

“Blind Faith” has the vocalist augmenting his steel-strung acoustic guitar with tasty slide work. The song has moments of urgency and tension that is released, and then built again. Kennedy offers deep lyrics and the melancholic portrayal of grappling with loss. The song unfolds beautifully, the instrumentation builds as does Kennedy’s vocal range and passion.

With Year Of The Tiger, Kennedy once again demonstrates why he is mingling among rocks most esteemed and brilliant musicians and with this album, he will surely be consider one of its brilliant songwriters as well. The various feels and musical grooves give every track freshness, making the music exciting and a sonic adventure. Year Of The Tiger is packed with extraordinary tracks, each different from the last, but still offering a flowing concept from start to finish. One of rock & roll’s finest is pushing the genre to new heights, clearly, this is the year of Myles Kennedy!

Tracks to sample first: “Year Of The Tiger,” “Haunted By Design.” Song to take a chance on is “Love Can Only Heal.”

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