Sonia Stein: Eat Your Words Review


Sonia Stein: Eat Your Words Review

By Bea Willis

sonia-stein-cdSonia Stein is a London based pop vocalist and songwriter that brings a fresh and exciting approach to the pop genre. Growing up, Stein was exposed to many cultures and music, living in places like Berlin, Poland and throughout America. Her music is an intoxicating mix of pop and soul, and exotic passion. Her sultry R&B tinged single “One Of Those Things” was produced by Liam Howe (FKA Twigs, Adele, Jessie Ware) and co-written with renowned pop songwriter Hannah Robinson (Lana Del Rey, Zara Larsson) and is Stein’s debut release via Marathon Artists. Stein has released three singles from her up-coming EP titled, Eat Your Words.

Built around the sound of full pop productions, “Party” is a heartfelt break-up tune that Stein’s emotional delivery nails. She is vulnerable sounding in the quiet moments and her vocals soar with the emotions of love untangled in the dramatic sections. Stein exudes sensuality, her voice is smoky and just enough behind the beat to grab your attention and keep it. The melody is strongly constructed, and the tune takes us on many ups and downs through sounds and instrumentation.

“Sad Little Raft” is focused on Stein’s sensual voice and keeps the production to a minimum. A soft pop beat provides the background as Stein sings the first verse. The sparse beginning allows the song to subtly build through each section while Stein sings lyrics about the emotions of an intimate relationship and the changes they bring. The chorus has a soul inspired melody that highlights Stein’s lush vocals. Her upper range is just as tantalizing. The vocal counterpoint is a nice touch. Stein displays a vocal range that is expansive and always under control as she impresses with emotional delivery.

Each song on Eat Your Words, displays the depth of Stein’s songcraft, her delicate yet powerfully moving voice pierces your soul from the first notes.  Stein’s voice is a poignant raft that carry’s the emotion of each song with an unaffected truth and a soulful veracity.  Highly recommended.

Eat Your Words

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  • Release Date: March 29, 2019
  • Label: Marathon Artists

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