Turkuaz Life In The City Review


Turkuaz – Life In The City Review

by Griff Stevens

Turkuaz-coverTurkuaz is a male-female fronted band that relies on the attitude and pulse of: funk, alternative rock, rock, R&B, and psychedelia. Supported by swaggering guitars, wild horn parts, and interminable grooves. The Brooklyn-based nonet is: Dave Brandwein [guitar, vocals], Taylor Shell [bass], Craig Brodhead [guitar, keys], Michelangelo Carubba [drums], Chris Brouwers [trumpet, keys], Greg Sanderson [tenor sax], Josh Schwartz [baritone sax, vocals], Sammi Garett [vocals], and Shira Elias [vocals]. Together they forge the sound of Turkuaz, a sound that ignites an explosion of energy punctuated by neon hues, deft musicality, and show-stopping singalongs. They have released their fifth full-length album, Life In The City. The band also has a guest appearance of Jerry Harrison of Talking Heads who produced “If I Ever Fall Asleep.”

The title track opens with a distorted guitar figure that is soon joined by a clean funky guitar part that calls the rest of the band in. The groove is funky, in the pocket and rock solid. Brandwein’s, Elias’ and Garett’s voices blend perfectly to create a unique frontline sound that is a big part of the Turkuaz sound. The horns add a dimension that is organic and exciting. With big keyboards and interesting background harmonies, the track always has new parts floating in and out to keep the listener’s interest.

“If I Ever Fall Asleep” blends funk-pop-rock that highlights a catchy melody and a groove that is unmistakably Turkuaz. The lyrics are creative, and the vocal harmonies and lead vocals are definitively strong. The guitar work of Brodhead is brilliant, with a warm distorted tone his leads have direction and energy. Harkening to the sound of K C and the Sunshine band but on steroids. The music is infections and cannot help but make you feel happy.

I have been enjoying the resurgence of music based in good times, funky-grooves, happy sounds and a party atmosphere.  Music has the power to change lives, Turkuaz is offering up some serious happy-juice. Play on, play on!

Tracks to sample first: “If I Ever Fall Asleep,” “Life in the City”  and “Superstatic.” The song to take a chance on is “.”

Turkuaz – Life In The City Review

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