Beartooth – Disease Review


Beartooth – Disease Review

by Bea Willis

beartooth-cdBeartooth is a band that represents what is good about American hardcore music, controlled aggression. The band is fittingly on Red Bull Records since 2013.  Disease is the band’s latest album and thankfully the only cure for this is more Beartooth, to be taken straight-up and often. The band is Caleb Shomo – vocals, Kamron Bradbury – guitar, Zach Huston – guitar, Oshie Bichar – bass and Connor Denis – drums. The twelve tracks on Disease is a perfect blend of Shomo’s strong vocals, stalwart aggressive guitar and a rhythm section that delivers.  Exactly what we all know and crave from Beartooth, and they do not disappoint.

“Disease” injects with a clean guitar riff, with Shomo punctuating clearly. The punk hardcore sound offers a blazing beat, that never lacks blitzkrieg. The aggressive bass line of Bichar hooks in with Denis to pound the point home. The vocal harmonies are excellent in supporting Shomo. The song form has many sections that vary in intensity and density to give the track variety and shape. This melody is harmonically accessible, and the production values never lack.

Our favorite track is “Fire.”  Yes! Turn it up and enjoy the fiery aggression. Shomo’s voice is fully engaged with a full range of emotions on this track, from upper register screams to clear melodic smooth passages. The songwriting is creative, the guitar hooks are strong, and the beat is relentless. The lyrics are thoughtful and offer meaning. Beartooth gets that a song has to have substance on all levels and this track is loaded down heavy with potency.

Beartooth offers bite, but much more than that.  Songs that offer the rock listener the type of adrenaline they are looking for.  Hard-hitting yet poignant tunes that dig into the pith of life and deliver it with a one two punch.

5-finger-rate-93Tracks to sample first: “Disease,” “Manipulation,”  and “Fire.” The song to take a chance on is “Infection.”


  • Release Date: September 28, 2018
  • Label: Red Bull Records

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