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Bobby Broom Soul Fingers Review

by Bea Willis

bobby-broom-cdGuitarist Bobby Broom brings us his latest adventure, Bobby Broom. Broom embraces the rhythm & blues sound through the lens of core jazz with his new group, the Organi–Sation, featuring organist Ben Paterson and drummer Kobie Watkins. The three turn in ten interpretations of pop melodies on Soul Fingers, from the Beatles to Motown. The album is produced by legendary drummer/producer, Steve Jordan.

“Come Together” starts the funky, urban soul sound that is signature Broom. His warm acoustic sound takes root in the Pat Martino and Wes Montgomery sonics and language. Broom passionately extends the tradition of jazz guitarists and in the best setting of all, the organ trio. The funky groove is laid down by Paterson and Watkins as Broom spins out soul filled bluesy bop licks. Paterson’s soloing is elegant and full of soul. Watkins’ playing is supportive and interactive. Broom has a way of making sophisticated lines sound relaxed and relevant to the surrounding music. His articulation drives his lines and his linear language is colorful.

“Summer Breeze” is given a relaxed feel that has Broom playing the well-known melody in a lyrical style. The rhythm & blues influence in his playing can be heard in his bluesy lyrical inflections of his lines, both when playing melodies and soloing. Broom does build his solos to intense flurries, but only after making the music build to that sort of climax. His lines are always pushing in a direction of making an overall musical statement. The band is right with him, supporting and pushing. Together they create a fine version of this summer anthem that is highly enjoyable.

Broom is not only an enjoyable soloist, but he also excels as a colorist, joined by two on the rise players Soul Fingers is a soulful and adventuresome listen.

5-finger-rate-91Tracks to sample first: “Come Together,” “Summer Breeze”  and “Ode to Billie Joe.” The song to take a chance on is “Eyes of Faith.”

Soul Fingers

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