Hannah Rooth | Dust Review


Hannah Rooth | Dust Review

By Darnell Jackson

hannah-roothHannah Rooth is a songstress in Los Angeles, creating music and community for misfits. She is joined by her band Wild Hum. Her music is a vocal-centric mix of pop and Americana-Soul. The Songstress “tells her inner story” with raw, poetic, cohesive lyricism and dynamic singing. She is now releasing her single titled “Dust.”

“Dust” is a dark Americana-soul ballad addressing legacy, death, guilt, personal power, familial ties, loss, and estrangement. The carnal hymn of a child to their parent was written and performed in one night, in one take. Rooth says, “This piece came directly from the soul.” The song has an “emotional visualizer,” which depicts Rooth’s emotional portrayal of the music. With a piano and string sounds supporting Rooth’s rising vocal lines, the energy and emotion are instantly palpable. Rooth’s vocal range is impressive, as is her powerful resonance. The song form and lyrics are simple but direct,hannah-rooth resounding the emotion with clarity and succinct economy.

Hannah Rooth has an impressive vocal style that is worth getting to know. Her songwriting is passionate, and her music is wide-ranging in styles and moods but always impressive with vocal power.

5 Finger Review rates this an 89

5 Finger Review rates this an 89

Artist:    Hannah Rooth

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Label: Self-Released

Release Date: June 25, 2021





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  1. Hi Darnell! Thank you so much for this beautiful review! I’m honored.
    Are there any socials I can tag/follow you on?

    Very best,
    Hannah Rooth

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