Jan Cronin – Tell Him I Said Hello Review


Jan Cronin – Tell Him I Said Hello Review

By Tom Faddis

jan-cronin-cdJan Cronin is a blues artist, who has a flair for interpreting classic blues, Americana and folk styled songs.  Basically, well-written tunes that captivate the heart and soul.  Tell Him I Said Hello, is the long-awaited album by a veteran performer whose singing career began when she was a young girl in Washington, DC, a career that has taken her all around the country and the world. Now based in Nashville, the vocalist performs frequently with her own band, the Jan Cronin Band, and in duos and trios with various Nashville artists.  The album is dedicated to her late husband, “Lefty” Ken Howell, a well-known blues figure, especially in the Nashville scene.

“Bad Thing” is Cronin and the band bringing a blues boogie to life. With driving piano, a tasteful saxophone solo, and vocal harmonies, this tune has energy and attitude. Cronin’s vocals style is straight to the point, hitting the emotional core of the tune with authentic blues style. The band as a whole has a sound that is easy on the ears and deep in the blues tradition.

“Hello Blues” presents Cronin doing the all-important slow blues shuffle. This is a setting where the cream rises to the top. Cronin’s singing and inflections puts her in the top layer. The band is supportive and builds the energy behind Cronin in waves of intensity. The harmonica playing is moving with passion, and the blues drips from every phrase. The melody of “Hello Blues” lets Cronin show her vocal range and prowess, both of which will grab your attention. The ending vamp has a great riff and guitar fills.

It is Cronin’s obvious time in the trenches that makes Tell Him I Said Hello a jubilant listen.  Each tune illustrates the well-versed musical background of Cronin.  She has chosen wisely her backing band who clearly has a comradery that comes through on each note of Tell Him I Said Hello.  I look forward to Cronin’s next adventure, and hopefully we get to hear more of her originals. They stand up to the covers with a strong backbone of great writing.

5 Finger Review rates this an 89

Tell Him I Said Hello

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