Jamestown Revival – San Isabel Review


Jamestown Revival – San Isabel Review

jamestown-revivalJamestown Revival is a group formed by Jonathan Clay and Zach Chance. Chance and Clay grew up together in Magnolia, Texas, they collaborated on their first song at the early age of fifteen.  Though each enjoyed careers as solo singer-songwriter artists, they still collaborated on each other’s projects by singing harmonies.  Their blend of voices was so unique that in 2010 Jamestown Revival was formed and expanded to a five-member band. The name Jamestown Revival was derived from one of the first United States settlements, Jamestown, Virginia, homage to Creedence Clearwater Revival, and the concept of leaving behind the old and starting anew. Jamestown Revival’s first album, Utah (2014), was named for the band’s recording location in the Wasatch mountains Utah.  In 2016, the band released The Education Of A Wandering Man and now just in time for the summer of 2019 San Isabel is a welcomed addition to their ever growing discography of solid song-craft.


“Cray World (Judgement Day)” with acoustic guitar and banjo, finds the duet singing the melody with beautiful harmonies. Clay and Chance have a sound that is balanced and matches in color and vocal frequencies. The lyrics are thoughtful and tell a story. The added percussion builds the track and adds a richness. The harmony is interesting, keep the form flowing. The layers of backing instruments enter as the song unfolds, it’s a very nice touch. The tune has a nice arch to the ending that is full in sound and musical textures.

“Round Prairie Road” is a beautiful melody that is familiar and soothing. The duet again displays a slickened sound to their vocal style that is stunning. Clay and Chance phrase each passage in a manner that is together and allows the listener to enjoy each line, both separately and together.  The acoustic guitar sound is warm and frames the duets vocals perfectly. Again, the subtlety they create as the music progresses is a nice additive, building the energy and fullness.


Jamestown Revival has once again put forth a solid effort on their junior release. Each tune is a testament to their individuality as a group.  In starting Jamestown Revival they wanted to break from the norm and create music that spoke to them.  San Isabel takes them one step further on their creative journey of great music. Highly recommended!

5-finger-rate-93San Isabel

Release Date: June 14, 2019

Label: Jamestown Revival Recordings

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