Alyson Murray: I Got You

by Griff Stevens

Australian vocalist Alyson Murray is a stirring soul singer who specializes in contemporary R&B and neo-soul.  Her first album Integrity (2013) introduced the world to a vocalist whose vocal command, soulfulness and style was unquestionable.  Integrity offered a myriad of styles and textures and was a terrific calling card to highlight her abilities as a vocalist to sing in various styles.  Now, in 2018 Murray is embarking on a new impending release scheduled to hit the streets in the latter part of 2018.  In the interim, singles are being release in anticipation of the full impending CD titled Breathe, which will feature 6 tracks fusing jazz, soul, gospel, and R&B.

The first single is entitled “I Got You,” which is a phrase closely associated with the New York culture, framing the reality of living from dollar to dollar why pursuing your dreams in the very tough New York market.

The song revolves around the 3 little words of I got you, as the songs entire lyrics.  British/Nigerian composer, arranger, producer and bassist, Michael Olatuja is the sole accompaniment with added hand claps for rhythm.  Murray’s voice is layered in multi-part harmonies, while her lead vocals accents with soulful lines and creative ideas.  You can hear Murray’s personality come through as a joyful laugh and adlib is left in at the end of the tune, for the overall “fun” effect.  The tune is infectious, you will find yourself singing these 3 little words long after the tune ends, which is only a short 1:50 seconds of pure delight.

Olatuja and Murray have created a truly winning sound, the track resonates and is filled with catchy ideas and hooks, it really hits you when you think about all this sound is created by two musicians utilizing voice, bass, and hand claps. If this is a prelude to what Breathe has to offer, we are in for a sincere hit of the year readers.  Stay tuned, for what I hope to be more to come.


Track to sample first: (single) only one choice.

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