C. Shirock – All We Have Is This Moment Review


C. Shirock – All We Have Is This Moment Review

By: Bea Willis

C-shirock-cdChuck Shirock (C. SHIROCK) is a vocalist and songwriter that seamlessly blends his refined melodic pop sensibility with years of classical training. SHIROCK grew up in both the Philippines and Scotland, before moving to Detroit, and later relocating to Nashville, TN to study music. Always surrounded by creativity, SHIROCK comes from a family of creatives and musicians. He has been playing piano, writing, and composing from a very early age. His mother was a professional ballet dancer, his father an avid guitarist, and his grandfather, an accomplished jazz pianist. Currently residing in Los Angeles, C. SHIROCK has lived in the Philippines, Scotland, and Nashville. After going through significant personal life changes, C. SHIROCK chose to change identity and transition from being the frontman, founder, and primary writer for the internationally acclaimed band and duo, SHIROCK, to being a solo artist. “I view it as a continuation of an evolution of sorts. It’s been incredibly freeing and liberating to chase whatever turns me on…to create without inhibition”, reveals the artist. His music is featured in multiple TV networks, including MTV, NBC, and ABC, in various films, as well as working with brands such as American Eagle and Hollister. C. SHIROCK is now releasing “All We Have Is This Moment.”ChuckShirock_2016-02-23

“All We Have Is This Moment” is being released during the COVID 19 quarantine, and SHIROCK is capturing the sentiment to ‘live in the most’ – to stay present, with a spirit of hope and optimism. With a pulsing synth part, SHIROCK’s vocals build the melody, and the range and clarity of his voice brings the song to life. With a catchy falsetto chorus, “All We Have Is This Moment” has meaningful lyrics and is a joy to sing along with. The backing music is kept sparse, focusing on SHIROCK’s vocals. The vocals have a lot of reverb, but it does fit the genre.

SHIROCK is a pop artist that is making waves in TV networks, playlist, and downloads. His new single, “All We Have Is This Moment,” continues his momentum in solidifying himself as a solo artist. A well-written tune that is emotional and has a catchy melody.

5 Finger Review rates this an 89

5 Finger Review rates this an 89

All We Have Is This Moment

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