Bebe Zahara Benet – Broken English Review


Bebe Zahara Benet – Broken English Review

By Elberton Cisnero

Bebe-Zahara-Benet-cdBebe Zahara Benet is equal parts bold, beautiful, brassy, and business-minded. The female illusionist, international recording artist, and spokesmodel is never afraid to take chances and expand her horizons. Along with her work as a musician, Benet knows how to produce live events, as she is comfortable hosting nightlife events and parties. She is also a powerful public speaker, embarking on college tours and attending special events across the nation. Inspired by the sophistication and class of Diana Ross, the edge and boldness of Grace Jones, the sass and fierceness of Beyoncé and her own trademark “savage beauty,” Benet is poised to take over the world. She also introduced the world to her world music band ATOMA via sold-out live shows throughout Minneapolis. She is the Director for Revel Entertainment, a boutique event design and decor agency known for the scale and grandiosity of its parties. The Cameroonian drag artist releases her highly anticipated 5-track project, Broken English.

“Money 2 Much,” the opening track, incorporates elements of Afro-pop with EDM sensibilities to create a diverse and fierce musical styling. Benet describes the music saying, “Broken English is a body of work that represents all my experiences like that, but also things like, “Hey listen, we all come from different places, and we all speak differently and I will speak like this. I’m going to pronounce this like this, and that is that.” She goes on to add, “If people who don’t know anything about BeBe Zahara Benet, when they listen to the work, they are just going to love it. My fans and supporters will discover new things about the work, something fresh.” The steady dance beat keeps the energy alive as Bebe-Zahara-Benet-webBenet talks and uses samples to build an exciting soundscape.

“Body On Me” is a pop tune with African rhythms and instruments to round out the sound. Benet’s singing is soft and relaxing as the melody is contagious. The chorus has elements of EDM, with synth swells and sounds. The drums are a mix of Afro-pop and electro-pop. As Benet sings throughout the selection, her voice is warm, and her harmonies are balanced and blend nicely. The track is upbeat and effervescent, making a beautiful musical statement.

Broken English is another bold statement by Benet. She is just as colorful throughout the five tracks as her art and visuals.

5-finger-rate-91Broken English

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